Snail mail has one gleaming up side over technologies embrace of email. Personal Touch. You can really give hand written invites a personal and special feel. And for that matter, I say go with snail mail. If thats something you have time for and want to do, I am in no way turning it down, its a great way to make people feel special and get excited. However….

If your a budget bride (which is only getting more common with inflation these days) and time is of the essence, which it more then likely is, then its time to embrace technology and look into the mass online invite. Sending an “e-vite” can be done by only obtaining recipients emails, sending a personalized invite online and having it track rsvp’s online. You can simply get everyone to RSVP online, where it keeps track on its owand who said yesn of who has or hasn’t responded,  and no. You can also keep track of dietary requests or other tid bits of information that would get lost in a sea of paper work at home.

An added bonus is budget. No postage thanks to the online invite. Every dollar counts!