Another fact to remember is that your soon to be husband is nervous as well. Guys get nervous just as much as women. Look at it as a positive and build off of it. Use the unsettling feeling to give you courage and energy. Your wedding day goes by so fast that you shouldn’t worry about being nervous and messing up, and just embrace the fact that a lot of people only do this once in their life, and that everyone is there to support you.

Remember to not get all hopped up on coffee or caffeine the day of. This will only amplify your unsettled feeling. Caffeine will cause your brain to race and think of other possibilities that could make you nervous. Avoid it.

Eating properly will help you from feeling faint as well. This can happen, but getting a solid meal will help with this scenario. Now i didn’t say anything about throwing up, but the odds of feeling faint to nauseous are typically higher but that can vary from person to person. If all else fails, focus on your breathing and do your best to settle your mind down. Avoid alcohol till you feel comfortable enough at the reception to consume it. Which leads me to my next point. Stay hydrated. This will help you over come so many potential issues with nerves and faint spells. In the end, just enjoy this day thats all about you.