Don’t forget that photographs will take longer then you think it will. Even if you allow for a ridiculous amount of time, some other task will eat up that spare time. I know in the mornings as i get ready for work, I love having an extra ten or twenty minutes to make breakfast as opposed to be ten minutes late and scrambling. It starts my day off so much better and so much less hectic. Your wedding day will be crazy and a lot more time consuming them you think. Allow extra time for EVERYTHING so you don’t have to scramble.

Be sure to ask about the allotted time for the delivery and editing of your photographs. Every photographer is different.

Book your photographer early. A wedding is an event that will take up their whole day. They should only be doing your wedding that day and committed to it. That means the a popular wedding day will have him booked up early. Be the first one to do so. Make sure all your vendors for that matter are booked immediately. Do not procrastinate on this one!

Don’t stress to much about how your photos will turn out. They will be great. Just worry about enjoying this day thats all about you.