Horse and Carriage – The classic fairy tale wedding mode of transportation. This way of movement is available in most cities just by checking your local listings. A fun and romantic way to show up and leave in style. Disney fans and traditional weddings fans alike call for this way of pickup more then others do, even though this can be used for any wedding none the less!

Classic Car – One thats sure to make the older men in the crowd intrigued. Finding a classic car to use is a great way to make your big day even more memorable. You can get a real 1950’s/Great Gatsby look out of it, especially if thats the way you’re planning your entire wedding around. Plus you can get a chuckle at the reception when all the men in the crowd are missing and gathered around the car like school boys at a play ground tussle.

Hot Air Balloon – Perfect for an outdoor wedding. Its a fantastic way to make an exit together. People can watch you float off into the sun, and it makes for a great photo opportunity. Sure to leave a big impression on your attending guests. Just don’t choose this option if you’re afraid of heights!

Picking a mode of transportation can be a fun task. Just look into interests that pertain to you and your husband. If he grew up on a farm, then a big tractor might be the way to go. Same goes for enrolment in the military, which might call for a helicopter or something crazier. Just have fun with it and brain storm. Coming up with something unique will make your wedding that much more memorable!