1) Watch Out For Other Events and Holidays

The scheduling of an event can really make or break it. One of the first things you’ll be looking at when you decide to throw a party or event is when will it take place. Make sure you’re conscience about major holidays and other events with in your industry. You can use neutral holidays like “labour day” to your advantage. Its a holiday when people don’t have obligatory religious or extended family plans. Holidays like thanksgiving are a gamble that can drastically reduce attendance. Another item to keep in mind is competing events within your industry. If their is a big expo or conference the same day, it’s best to avoid it and save for another weekend.

2) Be Realistic

Judge your timeline and budget honestly. If you have only a week or two till your event and your starting planning, keep it intimate. Focus on making a smaller number of people impressed and content as opposed to a larger number of people going “meh”. If you have months, then you can give your event the works and focus on getting that big crowd to be impressed as a whole. Budget is obviously a big part of this. Theirs no need to cheap out and do minimal amounts, but if money is an issue, make smart purchases while doing your best not to compromise quality. Filet mignon you say? That can be changed into a top sirloin, saving your budget while avoiding downgrading the event as whole. People will still be content. Keep these in mind when planning.