Although they aren’t a typical necessity to any wedding or event, they can bring a lot of fun to them. If your budget can allow for it, its a great item to explore. We all have for the most part have smart phones with high quality cameras on them, but their’s just something about getting into a photo booth that a phone camera or camera man can’t capture. Its almost as if the second you close the curtain, you find yourself more relaxed and feeling more outgoing.

A strip of four photos is a great way to remember the wedding or event day from the view of the bride, groom or the guests. Photo booths can be typically found on the internet via a rental site, based on your location. On that note, it is known that photo booth hire in Sydney can be a tricky endeavor, since the demand is so high. A local bar I frequent has one in the facility permanently and the amount of smiles, laughing, hooting and hollering that comes out of it is quite astonishing. Adding this to your wedding or event is sure to bring the same thing, especially if you’re serving alcohol or have an open bar (people get more outgoing). Don’t forget to ask about an amount of picture rolls you can pre pay for so you don’t have to have your guests fishing around in their pockets for change all night. Its a great way to put a smile on everyones face and make the day more memorable.