Airwaves Music Hosts Kelowna’s 3rd Wedding Industry Party!

One thing we love doing at Airwaves is throwing great parties. As the largest Kelowna DJ Company in the Okanagan Valley, we get a lot of experience. But there is really nothing funner than creating our own event from scratch. We had the idea 3 years ago when we hosted the first ever Wedding Industry Networking Party at the Wedding Cafe in Kelowna. The first event was such a success and it felt like a great way to bring the entire industry together.

The next year, we hosted the event again at the beautiful Laurel Packinghouse. As far as venues go, the Laurel is an amazing space and we love working with Nikki, the event manager there. The issue with the 2nd party was that we felt it was a bit too much of an “advertisement”.

This year, we wanted to bring back the vibe of the very 1st year. No sales involved, just fun, mingling and getting to know new people. We even played a game where the person who met the most new people won a gift certificate and somebody else won a bottle of wine. We didn’t do any advertising whatsoever and didn’t have any sales message at the party. We did manage to slip in Airwaves Music Kelowna DJ Les Darroux and Jordan Tait, but other than that, we made sure that even Airwaves stayed under the radar. No posters, no banners, etc.

The result was a huge success! The atmosphere of the party was great and we had 108 people in attendance. Not bad, not bad at all!

Of course we will be hosting the 4th Annual Party next year too and are looking forward to it! Sometimes the best parties are the ones you have just for the fun of it!