The purchase of a suit really varies on any one persons budget. However, buying an over the top, power suit is really unnecessary, even for the groom. The one thing i’ve learned over the years is to buy a reasonably priced suit and spend all the money on the tailoring. Buying a four figure suit that has a mediocre fit will always play runner up to the guy that bought the three figure suit and took the time to get it tailored. A proper fitting suit goes a lot further then a higher thread count and higher price tag.

In regards to dress shirts and ties, if you’re not in the wedding party, you’re on your own. Matching is out. Instead of finding colours that match, look for colours that compliment each other. Sticking with earth tones and shades can be a safe bet as well, as long as they’re getting broken up with subtle patterns. Picking up a copy of the popular mens magazine “GQ” can go a long way as well in the world of fashion. If you’re stumped, try it out!