AirwavesWeddingMusicPassportNow that the wedding is all done, hopefully the thank you letters have been sent out and all the post marriage stress is behind you. Even though stress is a part of our every day lives and never really leaves… But now you have your sights set on your honey moon. You cant wait to lay in the sun and just be useless for the next week or two, or more even! To make this a reality, theirs a few things you need to remember…

Bring your marriage license/certificate to the airport with you. Once married, if you’ve absorbed the name of your significant other, you can run into passport issues when attempting to leave. If you booked flights then changed your last name a couple months later, then you’re going to have some major issues. If you know your going to change your name then go on your honey moon, you can apply for a new passport that should arrive in six weeks. Make sure you have ample amounts of time to receive it in case of any issues. This problem has been notorious with couples especially since the crack down on airport security several years ago.

On another topic, it is recommended to book your honey moon with a travel agent. With all the items youll have on your plate, before, during and after the wedding, getting help from a professional is definitely something to consider. Especially if you’re the active couple that likes to go on excursions in foreign locations. It is recommended to take the first two or three days of your honey moon just to relax, climatize and recharge your batteries, as a lot of couples are shocked by how much more exhausted they are then they thought they would be.

In the end, just focus on enjoying your time together!