Taking the initiative to go to the guests hotel and request to put a goodie bag in their room is one way of doing it. You can also hand deliver it too, or any other way thats more creative and fun. Having items in there to help with their stay can make their time all the more enjoyable and have them give rave reviews about their time in the area and your wedding. Items you can include in the bag can be as follows:

A gift card to a local non chain restaurant – chocolates – snacks – little bottles of liquor – anything heart shaped – candles – advil (for possible post wedding hangovers) – anything with the wedding date and your names on it –

The list is essentially endless. These are just suggestions. It can really make them happy they decided to make the trip instead of them leaving and having remorse for spending all this time and money, when they really didn’t feel appreciated. Taking a whole twenty minutes to brainstorm ideas for items you can add can really mean a lot. Also, you don’t need to break the bank to show your appreciation. Usually a small bag of 5 – 10 little items can mean the world and can keep your budget to under 25$ a bag. Be creative, buy items that pertain to their interests and that they will use and enjoy. Once the event has taken place, then you can give them your personal thank you verbally.