If you are familiar with Airwaves, Music you know we book world class professional entertainers. We have Kelowna DJs, Kelowna Musicians and Vancouver DJs and Vancouver Musicians. We keep our teams small and we only work with those who have proven to us over a long period of time that they are extremely reliable, professional and incredibly talented. With musicians, it is fairly easy to listen to someone’s personal style and level of skill and make a decision, but with DJs this is harder. DJing is much more subtle, much more variable and harder to define. So what makes a good DJ?

Many of our clients meet with us and they aren’t sure what to look for in a DJ. At Airwaves, we believe the following factors make a good DJ:

• The ability to fill a dance floor on command- Dinner is over and it’s dance time-a good DJ can make that happen, right away.

• Keep the dance floor packed all night long- Good DJs can keep all ages dancing throughout the evening. One song seems to seamlessly flow into another and the energy level in the room is perfect all night

• Good DJs know their gear- Our DJs whether in Kelowna or Vancouver know their equipment inside out. They monitor sound levels and mix the perfect levels for your party, all night long.

• Good DJs make great MC’s-It seems simple, but a good DJ can get on the microphone and save an event when needed. As well, they can also infuse the event with extra energy

• Great DJs listen- A great DJ isn’t too proud or too set in their ways to listen to your needs. A world class DJ is there for you and will do anything in their power to make your night exactly what you want.

So, whether you are searching for a good Kelowna DJ or Vancouver DJ, remember these important factors. You must be able to trust your DJ to keep your party going all night long. We only work with the best, you should too. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event so choose wisely and choose a DJ who you are confident can bring each of the 5 points mentioned earlier to the table.