AirwavesWeddingDJEventPlanningVancouver is a hustle and bustle city with a lot going on. Its no secret. But with so many options in regards to events and things to do, how do you lour people to an event you’re throwing. How do you stick out above the rest of the pack and make your event the one they mark down into their schedule?

Have a detailed event plan.

This is, in essence, a marketing plan. Put some thought into it. This is one of the first things you should be doing. Make a point of figuring out how, when and where you can be seen the most, and attract the most attendance. The more detailed the strategy is, the more likely you are to see results.

Give your guests the best reasons to show up.

If you’re promoting a product be sure to involve product demos and give aways. Corporate event? Give away advice, or some form of educational content, or better yet, have a well known speaker from within your industry. Just be sure to remember that in order to draw the right crowd and not just any crowd, you have to appeal to the crowd you desire.

Use social media to its full potential.

Make a point of becoming well versed in all the major social media hubs. Linkedin, facebook, twitter and you can even go as far as pinterest or any of those more media based social networks. Learn what a “hashtag” is and how to use it properly. You’re not trying to bore people with some long post involving a sales pitch. But make sure you convey the main points in a handful of brief posts. Humans have an incredibly short attention span in this day and age. Keep it light and you should see some positive results. Make these media hubs a part of your daily activity.