9. Makeup. Don’t overdo it. Do your makeup as naturally as possible for wedding and event photos. You want to show your true self.

10. Angles. Trust the angles your photographer places you at. He knows what he’s doing. Trust in him.

11. Learn flattering ways to stand. Relax and drop your shoulders while elongating your neck. This will help with the look of yourself and your photos.

12. Be prepared. This is directed more so at hair and makeup products. You don’t want an above average strength breeze to ruin your photo opportunities. Be prepared with hair spray and what ever else you may need!

13. White Chalk for brides. This can hide things like grass stains and anything you spill. White chalk is a quick fix without having to spread the mess around. You’ll be the only one to know too!

14. Be prepared for the heat. This applies more so to destination weddings and summer weddings. have kleenex or something of that nature handy. You don’t want to be shiny and sweaty on your wedding day.

15. Natural Light is your friend. Embrace it when its available. Its flattering on the skin. So whenever you have the chance during your wedding, opt for sunlight and open any blinds and drapes if you’re indoors.

16. Well Lit. Make sure your wedding, reception or event is well lit. That goes for the first dance as well. Make sure it isn’t too dark. You ultimately want the best photos possible. I encourage using spotlights too.

Bonus 17. For direct sunlight photos. Have your eyes closed in preparation of the photo, know where your photographer is standing and have him tell you when to open your eyes. This can help avoid squinting and make that elusive picture easier to get.