1. Be Yourself. This typically applies to anything in life, to be quite honest. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Enjoy yourself and be yourself! If you’re self conscience and trying to be something you’re not, it will almost always show in the photos.

2. Relax. You are usually your own worst critic. You want to be seen the way your supposed to be seen and the way you’re seen by others. Just relax and be natural.

3. Laugh. Its contagious and is flattering for anyone in any photo.

4. Think about the moment. This is especially important for brides and grooms. Think about the day you have planned and how romantic and happy you are. It will rub off into the photos and show it! Savour it all and get caught up in the moment.

5. Try to forget the camera. This one can be difficult as you’re staring right at it and into it. But try to easy your mind and convince yourself otherwise. Just be playful and natural.

6. Get to know your photographer. Do this in advance. Build some sort or relationship so that its not awkward on your wedding day. Its an added plus if your photographer is a friend or family member. But if not, at least if you have some back ground with your photographer it will make the pictures that much more natural looking.

7. Practice. They say practice makes perfect and that can be applied to photos as well. Make faces in the mirror you find funny, cute or flattering to yourself.