When going over catering contracts or any sort of rentals, be sure to obtain a receipt. Leaving nothing up to chance or personal memory. Make sure that every part of the agreement is clearly labeled to avoid headaches at a later date. Any extra details not outlined in the contract can be added in writing. The reason i bring this up, is after three months rolls around and everything is said and done, its time to collect on payments. Leaving certain things up to memory can cause you to get grilled with unexpected charges and fees.

Be sure to ask about penalties and other fees. The fine print is there for a reason. It covers any company in the matter of issues like these. If your renting sound equipment or anything of that nature, be sure to know their return policy. The last thing anyone needs is to end up paying for the item if its more then a week late. Case and point, Blockbuster. When they introduced their “no late fees” campaign, it caused you to get an extra few days out of your rental, and instead of incurring late fees, you had to outright pay for the rental and owned a copy of it. It was all in the fine print, but it caused me to now own a copy of a couple movies that were sub par. Whose laughing now Blockbuster. My point is, be aware of everything your signing, cause companies have the fine print for a reason!