Think of great areas or funny poses to do in the weeks leading up to your wedding. While you’re actively taking your wedding shots, make a point of getting some fun and far out shots for the thank you letters. The wedding will be romantic and filled with love and joy, and thats what we all expect. But having a few untraditional photos for later is great to have.

Sending out thank you letters with funny photos of yourself in them can give the guests a real personal feeling. It can show your lighter side that they maybe didn’t get to see at the wedding or reception. For example, having “thank you” written on yourselves somewhere or spelt out with an item that pertains to you as a couple. Its something you can come up with with just a few minutes of brain storming.

Ask the photographer too. Your hired photographer is a professional. Odds are he’s seen it all. Don’t be afraid to ask him fun and far out photos that he’s taken or even seen be taken over the years. Its a way to make some of your shots unique and outside the box. Have a few photos that can tell the story of your love and friendship from a perspective other then the romantic side. More so from the friend and interest side. It can really put a personal feel on your wedding and help your guests get to see your wild side. Should you want to show them! In the end, just have fun with it!