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The best man is typically the leader and MC. He’s in charge of giving the toast before everyone eats. Usually of the personal variety towards the couple, that can be fun and quirky or sentimental, but always end with well wishes to the couples future together. The end of the toast includes everyone raising their glasses in the end and throwing a cheers to the couple. Other people are encouraged to give a toast after this, as long as they don’t drag out too long. Be brief and to the point, but don’t be afraid to make people laugh and get sentimental.

 What is the correct order for the processional?

In a christian traditional wedding, the party proceeds as follows. The ushers are the first to walk the isle, in pairs. Followed by the bridesmaids in pairs if their number exceeds 5. Otherwise a single file line. This is followed by the maid and matron of honour. Next is the ring bearer and flower girl. This is of course followed by the bride and her father or escort choice. It can seem confusing or like a lot of work, but during the rehearsal your official will instruct you as to what to do, where to go, and where to stand or sit. Its not as complicated as it sounds. This applies to the recession as well. You will be informed as when and how to leave properly. Its a lot less stressful when you have help and should go off without a hitch. This is of course the traditional order and can be altered to meet you specific request. However, this is the traditional order of things. If you have added members to your parties your official will be able to help and enlighten you to how they should enter.