It can be a tricky situation to execute. Not having children can save a lot of hassle in a wedding, but how do you let the parents know? You have to be open and just tell people. Adding this piece of information to the invite and following up with them in the coming weeks is key. Making sure that everyone knows this is the scenario is crucial. Simply state that the venue for your reception has a space limitation or that your budget has a cost limitation that can’t accommodate them. Although this might cause a convenience dilemma with the guests, surely they will understand. You can make a point of inviting them to the ceremony, to make them still feel involved, and making time in between the reception and ceremony to bring them home or to wherever they will be looked after will be appreciated.

Can/should I invite my ex to the wedding?

A tough subject. Typically the answer is no, for a couple reasons. Making guests uncomfortable is something you obviously want to avoid. People might be awkward around her based on the fact that they don’t know the status of your relationship at this point. Focus might be put onto her instead of your new bride.

However, some cases call for an invite. If you and your partner have become friends and are close with the ex, then it might call you to send the invite. Keep in mind that if their is even the slightest bit of doubt or hesitation from one of the two getting married, then its best to graciously not send an invite. You don’t want their to be any outstanding regrets on questions of commitment on your wedding day. Ultimately you and your partner should discuss it to find a result that make you both happy.