Make sure to delegate responsibilities. Having one person tackle all the tasks at hand rarely works. Or having everyone chip away at everything. Ford became successful because they came up with the product line. They took employees and put them in charge of a specific area of the construction of the vehicle. This mentality can be applied to event planning as well. Assign tasks to each person working under you and have them focus on that one area. Keeping in communication with them will ensure all the pieces come together properly come the day of the event.

Following up with all the pieces in play is your next step. Keep in mind no one likes to be micromanaged and ensure thats not what you are doing or your intentions. Just casual and periodic check ups can just ensure that targets are being hit and goals are being achieved. This is crucial to the final result.

Another thing to keep in mind when planning is that you’re going to be asked what your turn out will look like. From whoever. Sponsors, employees, friends, anyone really. Although being ambitious is one thing, being realistic is another. Always under estimate when telling others, especially if this is your first event. You can have goals that are higher and you can tell yourself a higher number, you just don’t want disappointment on the big day especially if people have invested money into these ambitious numbers.