The first step in a professional event is to look the part. They say dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Therefore, look presentable and professional. Look distinctive and be confident. Draw the crowd to you.

Remember that moods are contagious. Being around people that are always pist off will make you pist off. Spending time with uncomfortable people will make you uncomfortable. When your event day has come, be positive and have a great attitude. Your dynamic self will catch the attention of the people you’re around and will be noted. If they don’t physically or verbally tell you, sub consciencely they will have taken note and it will effect they way they respond.

Be sure to talk to you guests about their thoughts. Asking people how they feel can go a long way in their comfort level. Catering to their wants and sparking an interest in how they feel about the event can help turn your event into a diamond instead of a dud. If you’re planning on doing any speaking the night of the event, make a point of complementing and thanking the crowd on coming out. Be sure to find opportunities to practice public speaking if this isn’t your forte.For example, if you find yourself out with a handful of friends get their attention all at once and mention something on your mind. Finding excuses to speak to groups of people as a collective in the prior weeks and months will make speaking at your event a lot less stressful and will help you relax.

In the end, just enjoy yourself. Be proud of the work you’ve done and what you have accomplished.