The holiday season is traditionally one of the biggest times of year for proposals between loving couples. Your guy could have surprised you during Christmas or New Year’s by making the proposal at the right moment. He might have even taken advantage of friends and family getting together to celebrate the holidays so that all of your closest relations where there to share in the excitement.

Once the holidays pass, you may feel like you have to jump head first into planning your wedding. However, it is perfectly acceptable to take a few months to enjoy and savor your engagement. Being engaged takes your relationship to a new level of commitment as you and your partner have just decided you want to spend the rest of your lives together. So make sure to take it all in before rushing into pre-wedding planning.

There are several fun things you will want to right away! The first of those is to make sure your family and friends hear about your engagement from you directly. Take the time to personally pick up the phone and call those people you want to tell right away, like your parents, siblings, and best friend, unless they were part of the surprise engagement. None of your close family members, friends, and other relatives wants to find out about your engagement by seeing your updated status on Facebook or the blast tweet you sent through Twitter.

Next, remember your hands and fingers will want to look their best. Book an appointment to get a manicure so that when you are showing off your new engagement ring, your hands and fingers will not distract from the lovely ring. Don’t go to your appointment alone. Take along one of your friends or better your new fiancé!

You can also start thinking about gift registries and shopping! Who doesn’t like going to the store and picking out items they want and adding them to the gift list? Don’t forget to take along your special guy, as there will be things he wants, too!

It is also beneficial to start thinking about what time of year you want to get married. You may already have an actual date in mind. But, if you don’t, that’s okay, and you can start narrowing it down after deciding what type of wedding you want to have. Ideally, it is beneficial to choose a date with as much lead time as possible, as this will help once you start booking wedding vendors and working with your wedding planner.

When it comes to choosing entertainment for your wedding, you will want to schedule an appointment with Kelowna wedding DJs as soon as possible. Securing some of the best DJs around requires ample lead time. So, once you have worked out the date, book the DJ right away and avoid waiting until the last minute by calling us, here at Airwaves Music at 1-888-676-7772 today!