The perfect wedding look doesn’t just come with the dress. The bride knows better then the groom that jewelry can really make the outfit. The groom will typically just go along with it. I’ve learnt a few tips that i can share that can help you find the perfect look for your wedding dress, when it comes to jewelry. If you are still looking for a dress, i recommend checking out

Look into getting custom jewelry crafted. And no, it doesn’t have to be made of pure gold and the most exquisite jewels. Finding a local goldsmith to quote you the cost of custom jewelry can be an easy answer to exactly what you want.

Your jewelry should add to your dress, not stick out. Make sure the jewelry you pick out compliments your dress and doesn’t take all the attention away from you and your gown.

Incorporate vintage/family jewelry if possible. Not all brides have this option. However, if you do, it can mean that much more to your family and to you. It can give your wedding day that much more sentimental value and really mean a lot to those involved with it.

– If you’re panicking on ideas and your deadline is approaching don’t be afraid to run down to chapters and grab a couple magazines with bridal information. Poaching ideas out of magazines is why the pictures are put in there in the first place!

– Surf the web. Look online for great deals and ideas. Make sure that you size everything up before you purchase, especially if it is on the more expensive end. Also, make sure you dive into their return policy and are well versed with it, should anything go wrong.

Try and buy pieces that aren’t wedding specific. That way they can be worn again to work, or in your daily life. This helps you justify buying pieces and gives you added return on your money!