I am in no way saying its easy, but it isn’t too difficult to learn the basics. Getting to a professional takes a lot of practice and creativity, but learning how to do a basic song mix is a lot simpler then people would tend to believe.

Having been a club DJ for a handful of years now, I legitimately one day decided it was something i wanted to do. With no DJ friends to help me out, and the rapid development of “Youtube” at the time, I figured i would try my hand and combining technology. With a decent chunk of change in my pocket, I went down to my local music store and purchased all the necessary hardware, and software for that matter. With the air of our friend Youtube, in less then a couple hours i had learned how to be a basic transfer from one song to another, seamlessly. Surprised by how few of the featured i had used on this hardware, i started playing around with it and realized how the professionals got to where they were.

All though a lot more basic and common then the average person may think, DJing isn’t to hard of a skill to pick up. That is of course for the basic skill set. Getting to the next level and to a paid/professional level for that matter takes a lot of patience, talent and creativity. It is something almost anyone can achieve with a bit of persistance and dedication. It isn’t for everyone, but for those who it is, its a fun way to be creative.