There are plenty of musicians in the world and even more DJs. What makes Airwaves Music so unique isn’t just the high quality performers that we manage and book. It is the way we do business, our core values, our long term vision and what we do through our business that makes us truly unique.

There are a few paragraphs of text below. In this day and age, nobody has time to read more than a few words. We are in a busy society. But what I have written below has taken my whole life to build and is my greatest passion. Music is incredibly important to me and I hope you take a moment to read what I have written in the hopes that you may become extremely excited and motivated by what I am trying to do through Airwaves Music. I want to build something truly unique and helpful to others and to music. My hope is that you help me to do this. I can’t do it without your support.- Bob Graham, Founder of Airwaves Music

Keep Live Music Alive

First and foremost, Airwaves was founded by musicians for musicians (and yes, we consider DJ’s musicians too). To become a great musician takes many, many years of dedication, practice, passion and commitment from a young age. While the other kids are playing video games, musicians are taking lessons, reading books, practicing for hours every night, listening to their heroes play and dreaming big dreams year after year that can’t be broken. Finally, after 10 years or so the goal is reached and they are ready to be a professional. The passion that it takes to learn is a fire that is all consuming and it is the reason that music has existed in society for thousands of years. As long as there has been people, there has been music of some form.

Bob Graham, the founder of Airwaves Music was a professional guitarist in Kelowna. After years of practicing the guitar he dreamed of becoming a full-time guitarist. He had spent as many hours studying everything from blues, rock, classical, jazz and theory. In fact, he put in as much time as a surgeon does in order to perfect his craft. Surgeons he taught guitar to even told him this themselves. But he was faced with a cold reality, the gigs were few and far between. He wanted to support Kelowna DJs and musicians. As well, he wanted to do the same in his second home, with Vancouver DJs and musicians.

He began to hear the same thing from other musicians and DJs and it seemed to be the same all across the country. People were giving up because unless you had “made it”, you just couldn’t do enough gigs to make a living, so he decided to do something about it. Airwaves Music and the “Keep Live Music Alive” movement was formed. The core belief behind this-Airwaves would be the vehicle to find the gigs and handle the management and bookings while the musicians and DJs could focus on what they were best at -performing.

Keep Live Music Alive is based on the following principles:

-Great musicians and DJs can make a living while still providing the customer with great pricing. True value is reliable, professional service at fair rates. Airwaves delivers this time and time again.

-Music is loved by all of us and we should all do our best to help musicians. This doesn’t mean spending more, it means making music a priority and examining all parts of budgets fairly to find room for live musicians and DJs.

-Airwaves Music keeps pricing fair and their performers busy by finding a high number of gigs each year. This is done by the most part through word of mouth. The Keep Live Music Alive movement is about helping Airwaves by supporting the movement and in turn supporting the musicians and DJs we love.

-Keep Live Music Alive is about using only Win-Win strategies.
Happy Customer+Happy Musician/DJ+More Opportunities To Grow the Movement= Everyone Wins

We have a large selection with Kelowna DJ’s Vancouver DJs, Kelowna musicians and Vancouver musicians. However, within these teams, only a select few make the cut. Experience and professionalism are a must but the true determining factor is a passion for music that you can feel every time you talk to them.

Our core value is to provide only the highest quality DJs and Musicians. We succeed by keeping our teams small in the areas we operate and consider this to be our greatest strength. Our team are our partners and we have no desire to grow beyond our small, manageable teams. We see ourselves as a boutique where a varied selection meets an extremely high standard of quality in Kelowna and Vancouver.

In the Okanagan, we have and Lester Darroux. Our Kelowna DJs are some of the best in Western Canada with over 10 years experience each. We have a small number of Kelowna musicians and musical acts including Rodrigo Rosales on guitar, a harpist, a string quartet, a pianist and a few carefully selected jazz and rock bands.

Our Vancouver DJs consist of DJ Tavaras Powell, David Pimentel and Cole Guyer. For Vancouver musicians, we have 1 male singer songwriter and 1 female. We have two classical guitarists and one flamenco guitarist as well as an irish band and a couple of jazz,reggae and rock bands.

In short, we are one of a kind. We want to help musicians, make the world a more musical place and have a good time doing it. We have a big vision, but to grow big we keep our teams small. We are all friends, partners and everyone at Airwaves has over 10 years experience. There is truly nobody doing what we are doing with our philosophy. We want to help others while doing what we love.

Airwaves Music is passion, professionalism and purpose all tied into one. We are one of a kind. Thank you for reading and please help us Keep Live Music Alive.