First Off, Part 1 can be FOUND HERE


1) Serving Trays

Often used, especially for a couple that likes to entertain. No matter how cheap or elegant they are, they can be used in certain situations that can play to their style.

2) Restaurant Gift Cards

Instead of just a single gift card to the The Keg, Try 3 or 4 to various restaurants you like that aren’t national chains. You can also get them 5 to 10 for places like Subway and Starbucks, or places you know they work by that they enjoy lunch from.

3) Picture Frame Set

Do some leg work and find a handful of frames that complement each other but aren’t from the same series or set. Then show ways to arrange them that are modern and fun!

4) Yard Lanterns

For the Non high rise couple that has a yard no matter how big or small. Finding solar powered or flame lit lanterns can be a unique option.

5) Greenery

Greenery never fails. Bamboo or bonsai trees can be a fun way to remember the wedding through a gift. It lasts and you can often find a great place for it in a household.

All though you aren’t limited to anything listen here, putting a fun spin on gift ideas can go that extra mile in showing that your relationship with the couple means something. Have fun with it, think outside of the box!