Red bow isolated on white backgroundNo matter where your wedding is situated – Calgary, Vancouver or the middle of no where, their are some gifts that can always be given to a newly married couple. It can be a tricky task. Trying to come up with something that half of the other guests won’t get the couple, yet making it something they need or at least that they’ll periodically use. You’ve gotten lucky if the couple has a easy list of items they’ve requested or better yet, if they have some sort of fetish between the couple. And by fetish, i’m talking Disney, or a sports team. Those ones are easy to come up with cause anything with a logo or picture on it toward they’re area of interest will give them a smile to put on their face. Anyway, getting to the list… 5 ideas that can be put to good use could include.

1) Original Art

Original Art can be something unique that they will remember from you. Put a little time into it and enjoy the reaction.

2) Tool Kit

Always needed around a household. Having more then one never hurts too. Ikea furniture calls for these a lot of the time..

3) Labeled Initials

Towels, or pillow covers for example are a great idea to have the couples initials put on. Unique.

4) Wine Kit/Cooler

Always a safe bet, unless you know for a fact that both aren’t wine drinkers. Their are a lot of cool liquor related items you can buy.

5) Unique Giftcard

Forget that Walmart or Ikea gift card, get them something unique. A local brewery is a great option.

The list could be endless, as these are just ideas. Thinking outside the box can go a long way. Find out any little interest of the couples and play to it. Its sure to hit and make them not consider returning it!