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1) You decide to have a cash bar.

Its not necessary to have top shelf booze on your budget. But offer beer and wine if possible and top shelf booze on their expense if they should choose to do so.

2) The band is growing hungry

Don’t forget to include your band, photographer, and who ever else you have hired into the feast. If they’re staying till all hours of the night, they need and like to be fed as well.

3) Take the time to greet each guest individually

Make a point of not announcing that guests can come see you at the main table. Make a point of getting around to every table and thank them for coming. Don’t be afraid to organize a receiving line as well, after the ceremony of course.

4) You have wedding gift expectations

Do not expect the world out of this, or enough cash to make a down payment on a house. Guests aren’t even required to bring a gift, although they will. Also, don’t shove your registry in their face at every opportunity before the wedding. Lower your expectations and be grateful.

5) Your thank you cards are printed and un personal.

Its simple, if guests take time out of their schedules, you should so likewise with a hand written letter. It can be a large strain on your wrist and mind though, especially if your wedding party is on the larger side. Split up writing the invitations over the next few days, a hour or two at a time. If you had guests spending hundreds of dollars to fly in from out of town, this is the least you can do.