1) Your save the date card doesn’t have the wedding location.

Putting the actual venue on the card isn’t necessary, but is appreciated. What is necessary though is the location city and state/province. That way you’re at least planting the seed in the head of out of towner’s that they need to book over night accommodations.

2) The date or time you’ve chosen is really inconvenient.

With increasing costs of living, people are turning to friday and sunday weddings and staying away form the high priced saturdays. Try and keep you friday ceremony to the later hours to avoid people having to take the day off work and keep your sunday ceremony and reception to the afternoon/early evening so people can get a good nights rest before the work week begins.

3) You’ve made it unclear as to who is and isn’t invited.

Stating who the plus one on the invitation can help provide clarity as to who is or isn’t invited. It can be directed at your friend whose date you haven’t met, or any person over 18 that is in a relationship (just suggestions).

4) Your start time is incorrect.

Self Explanatory. People know that a 7 o clock start means be there before 7. You dont need to insert 6:30 to make sure everyones there and waiting an hour.

5) You’ve sent an invitation to someone who said they couldn’t attend

Skip sending an invite to anyone who has told you they cant attend. It might look like you still poking at them for a gift otherwise…