9. Format – What steps do you take to ensure data isn’t lost? Do you take photos digitally or with film? Do you and how do you preserve photos for the long haul?

8. Equipment – What kind of camera do you use? Do you have special lighting equipment? What physical effects can you put on some of our photos?

7. Collaboration – Do you work with anyone else? Do you have an assistant? What is your process for selecting and editing final photos?

6. Delivery – How will you deliver photos? In what format? Can you put them on a CD? What packages do you offer and at what cost? How do I go about obtaining more or other photos after you have gone through them all?

5. Timeline – How long will proofs take? How long will it be after that for me to receive the final copies?

4. Quality – How are your pictures printed? In your place? Do you use special printers and copiers? Can you ensure and do anything to make sure my pictures don’t fade over time?

3. Style – What techniques do you use? Do you prefer a certain editing style? How are you with low light and big groups? Can I see examples?

2. Experience – How long have you been at this? Do you have past albums and references? When was your last wedding? How busy will you be on my wedding day? Do you have other commitments that day?

1. Assurance – Do you have a back up plan if you’re sick? Do you have backup equipment? What is your liability policy? Do you know someone of similar style and talent that can fill in for you in case of emergency? Can we write up a contract?