WhoIsEDMChoosing music for a wedding, from a DJ’s standpoint is never easy. Sure you have your classics such as The YMCA and the Chicken Dance. We love those ones.. well some of us. They’re classics. But keeping it fresh and “hip” can be done to the liking of everyone.

Even if you’re not into the EDM or Electronic Dance Music scene, theirs ways to insert these styles of songs to appease the crowd. People at weddings, especially the elderly, do not want to hear some over powering kick drum and a screaming synth that has no instrumental connection to it. First off, your playing for the crowd at a wedding. You’re trying to play to the liking of so many age groups, while still keeping the dance floor alive. Finding a song or songs for that matter that have vocals in it is the first key. A soft female vocal will usually do the trick. Second is finding a lead sound within the song that isn’t going to melt your ears. A nice pluckish sound or real instrument sound (ie. Guitar, Piano) can go a long way too. Having “Skrillex” style sounds will not play to the liking of half of your wedding guests. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSeNSzJ2-Jw for those of you unfamiliar with this artist.)

In the end, go with your gut… if your gut is telling you to keep the EDM to more simple and basic sounding tunes. But in the end, what the bride says goes, for the most part. Let it happen if need be.