AirwavesWeddingDJGWRI was recently surfing the interweb for some information i could share with our Victoria Blog page and came across some interesting facts. I figured they were worth sharing as i love quirky tid bits of information like this. I also hadn’t flipped through a guinness book of world records in a handful of years now, and i recall them being a fun way to kill some time. So without further adieu, I give you 5 of the ones i found on the more… ridicolous… side of things!

1) A wedding in Sri Lanka saw the bride have 126 bridesmaids… Literally 126. 

A lot of weddings don’t even touch this is total attendance!

2) The USA was home to the worlds largest “dog wedding” in 2009. Pulling in an astounding 178 dog “couples”…

And you thought organizing a human wedding was a pain…

3) A Lebanese bride holds the world record for “longest wedding veil” at over 11,000 feet. Yes you read that right. Imagine pulling that around behind you.

Whats the first thing you say to the person thats putting this together for you?!

4)  A group of Connecticut bakers are guilty for making the worlds largest wedding cake at over 15,000 pounds for a wedding expo!

How do you transport that??

5) In 2012 a Japanesse woman put an astounding 13,262 pearls on her wedding gown. Obviously taking the record for “most pearls on a wedding gown”

I can only imagine thats one of the world most valuable dresses too…?

Quite astounding to say the least. With so many couples doing such far out and quirky things, its hard to think of what will come up next. How do you even begin to organize and pursue things like this? Not necessary by any means but interesting none the less. Keep your eyes peeled because i will be adding more of these interesting facts in the coming weeks. Enjoy!