Imagine having the perfect wedding, people are relaxed, laughing, and having a great time. The dance floor is full and everyone is having the time of their life. The DJ is experienced and professional and has the perfect and knows what tracks the public wants. Everything flows seamlessly. Your DJ has a huge variety of music, crystal clear sound, and dynamic lighting effects.

This describes an event with Airwaves Music, the Burnaby wedding DJs you’ve been hearing about. Each of our DJs have exactly what it needs to have a great event. In Airwaves Music, you get a personalized music plan for your event.

Our Philosophy

Our job is to connect people through music, people have used music and dance to strengthen their relationships. While we’ve come a long way since then, the power of music, wine and a good time is still just as strong. Spinning records is fun, but our real passion is bringing people closer together through music.

Your music should reflect your personal style, at your event, many of your guests may be meeting for the very first time. Hiring a team that takes the time to understand your unique style will put everyone at ease.

-Working with a team is a better experience, when you first inquire with us, you’ll talk to our Music Advisor. They’ll learn all about your vision for your event, and then match you with a DJ that fits your style. Next you’ll meet your Event Manager and DJ who will help you plan the music and ensure the entire process is seamless. Don’t settle for just a DJ when you can have an entire team for the same price.

Let Us Make Your Wedding The Best Event Ever

For nearly a decade, we’ve been helping hundreds of couples, companies and regular people throw amazing weddings and events that their guests can’t stop talking about. We know that you’ve only got one shot at throwing an amazing party and we’re here to help.

When you hire Airwaves, you’re hiring an entire behind the scenes team, not just a single DJ. Together we’ve helped a multitude of people from diverse backgrounds to come together and dance late into the night. At the end of the night as your guests are leaving, we’re here to make sure their night is memorable for the right reasons.