DJs are an amazing way to spice up your event. From weddings to birthday parties to work reunions, they can do it all. DJs have to be prepared to entertain every situation and make it less awkward for guests. They can help in getting someone out of their comfort zone and enjoy the event. If you are located in the Vancouver area and you are interested in having a good time, call Airwaves Music!

Either you are the planner of the event or you are just helping out, our professional DJs in Airwaves Music can fit into any type of event and make the perfect playlist for it. Our team has performed in more than 3000 events since 2007, if you are looking for an experience you should definitely look in Airwaves Music.

Perks of Hiring Our DJs

Amazing and fun events

If you have been to work events or other types of events that can turn boring very quickly, you won’t have to fear that any event you have with our DJs will go through that. We not only provide an amazing playlist that fits into the event but we connect people through music.

Your guests will have the time of their lives

Our DJs regularly play at festivals, nightclubs, fashion shows, in-store performances and many other events including weddings. Working with a variety of audiences has helped us in knowing what they want to have the best time in any event.

Experienced DJs

We did our first gig as a company more than 10 years ago and have been DJing ever since. All of our team members have multiple years of DJ experience and know how to handle tough guests that don’t like to get out of their chairs.

Personalized style

At your event, many of your guests may be meeting for the very first time. Hiring a team that takes the time to understand your unique style will put everyone at ease. First, they’ll relax, then they’ll chat and when they least expect it… we’ll make them dance!

Contact Airwaves Music and make your guests have the time of their lives at your event