DJs are not only for weddings. We have specialized in many events since 2007 and we have DJed in more than 3000 events. From weddings to parties, corporate events and school dances, we DJ it all. Most event planners don’t really have DJs as their top priority. What they don’t know is that DJs offer many benefits for any event.

Contrary to popular belief, DJs don’t only play electronic music. Our DJs in Richmond have personalized attention to every single event and we focus on different music styles that best fit your event. Our DJs offer the best quality in Richmond, we are sure your guests will enjoy your event and have so much fun.

What’s Different About Us


We love all styles of music at Airwaves. Regardless of a DJ’s personal preference, we encourage our team to regularly listen to new genres of music and expose themselves to as much new material as possible. Our standard is simple: if you can hum it, we should be able to recognize it, find it and play it for you!


We love working with and meeting new people. From coordinating with your venue or photographer to interacting with your guests, we believe that one of the keys to a successful event is interaction. Our team is friendly and has an authentic passion for getting to know new people.


At your event, many of your guests may be meeting for the very first time. As DJ’s, it’s our job to help them get energized and have fun so that they can really get to know each other. You’ll know your party is a success when you see two strangers high fiving or having a dance-off to some old-school hits.

Have An Event Like No Other

Tired of the same old? Contact us at Airwaves Music, we will guarantee you have an event like no other.

Contact Airwaves Music and make your guests have the time of their lives at your event