Tired of the same DJs that always use the same playlist for every event? Old school DJs are used to playing the most popular songs of many years ago. Some people may like them in your event, however, not every event fits with that playlist. In Airwaves Music, we have specialized in every type of event and we create personalized playlists for your events in Burnaby.

We have been working at more than 3000 events in all of Canada. Sounds crazy but once you have gained all the experience we have since 2007, you know what people want in every event. New music keeps being released every single day, which is why we have specialized DJs that can catch your personal style while making music that all your guests will like.

What We Believe In

Our most fundamental belief is that music matters and has the ability to profoundly impact our lives. The power of music is amplified when combined with deep emotions. For example, from your first school dance to your first kiss to college parties and then finally your first dance at your wedding, your life to date has had a soundtrack.

What We Do

Simply put, we make people dance and have the time of their lives. How we believe we do that, however, is much more interesting and in depth. We believe in the power of culture and tribes a lot at Airwaves. A tribe to us is a group of like-minded people coming together with a common goal. Culture is how that group makes other people around them feel while they pursue that goal.

Change The Whole Vibe of Your Event

It’s time you part ways with DJs that don’t make your guests happy and it’s time you get your own personalized playlist that fits with your event. We’ll take the time to understand your style and personalized our performance to your vision. We also match you with the DJ that best reflects your own personality and style.

Contact Airwaves Music and make your guests have the time of their lives at your event