AirwavesWeddingDJWe all know the wedding classics. From the chicken dance to the YMCA, am i the only one who doesn’t wanna hear this cliche over used songs anymore. Airwave’s Music DJ’s in Victoria and all our other locations are open to what you want to hear. As the couple paying for the wedding, don’t be afraid to suggest your favorite dance floor jam to the DJ. After all, he’s the one you picked and you payed for.

Its your wedding, so every thing should be the way you want it. Wedding DJ‘s typically do take requests, especially from a wedding standpoint. Before the wedding, feel free to give the DJ a few songs you’d like to hear get mixed in post wedding. However, just remember that Grandma and Grandpa don’t wanna hear the newest in hip hop and slang words that the younger generation is throwing around all to easily these days. Keep it tasteful.

Most couples will have the chance to meet the DJ before their wedding and that is the perfect time to suggest some stuff. Put it in their head so that way, when the big day arrives, he’s not scrambling for a wifi network within range to illegally download your favorite song.

Just remember, on your big day everything is supposed to be how you want it to be. Thats why its YOUR big day. Feel free to speak up, but keep it to a reasonable level. Being picky is one thing, but being a bridezilla is something people WILL remember from your wedding day. Steer clear of that one.


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