The only pro to using an iPod at your wedding is to save on DJ fees. Which isn’t worth it after looking at the cons. And their are plenty. Who is going to be in charge of pressing play when you have your first dance together? How is that person going to feel if the iPod doesn’t work or if it has a technical error. A lot of sound systems aren’t compatible with iPods either. Thats another cause for concern. Whose going to make announcements and make sure the dance floor runs smoothly? I don’t think “siri” is capable of that task.

You want your reception to be memorable and for everyone to have a good time and enjoy themselves. Their are a lot of ways to save on wedding costs, but skimping on a DJ isn’t one of them. Your reception is such a large portion of the over all wedding experience. To cut out a large portion or the reception just to save a few dollars does not seem like a viable option. Great entertainment isn’t cheap and cheap entertainment isn’t great. If you want to keep the dance floor moving, a DJ is really your only option.