Choose the Perfect Wedding DJ in Vancouver

Your wedding day is approaching quickly, and you still haven’t booked a DJ for the reception. How do you choose the right wedding DJ in Vancouver? It begins by knowing what you want for the reception. Do you want friends and family to dance all night with a favorite hits list? Perhaps you want a DJ who can suggest an eclectic list of music.

First, you need to know what questions to ask. Start with these:

  1. Do you work as a full-time DJ, or do you do this as a side gig? You want to know what type of experience he or she has.
  2. Can you give me examples of your work? This is a great opportunity for the DJ to impress you with their portfolio of previous wedding gigs. Listen to how songs transitioned. You don’t want breaks between the music and songs should move smoothly into the next selection.
  3. Have you played at this particular venue before? You want a DJ who has experience at the venue. If the DJ is particularly experienced but hasn’t played there, it should be fine. The issues involve knowing the acoustics and what the management expects from outside vendors.
  4. Do you have any favorite songs and artists for weddings? They will most likely have a playlist to choose from for your wedding. Find a DJ that has a list matching your particular tastes and personality.
  5. Do you take song requests? Some don’t. It’s best to know so your guests are shouting out requests at the musicians. If they do take requests, ask in advance how they like to handle this.

Lastly, when you are finding a wedding DJ in Vancouver, vet their references. Check online reviews and ask for some references from previous clients. Then, enjoy your beautiful day!