If you think that the only work that the DJ will do is to hit the play and pause buttons after loading the songs, then you are entirely wrong. The expertise of these individuals lies in their ability to perceive the mood of the crowd and mix up the music accordingly. Your wedding can reach a surreal level if the DJ has an excellent musical sense and sufficient technical knowledge. These people have many hidden talents that you will be able to notice when you discuss the wedding plan with the person.

  • Emotion and passion: Music is the passion of any DJ. But the wedding DJ Vancouver must know how to share this passion by exchanging the emotion with the guests. The good wishes, the blessings, the subtle emotions involved in your wedding must find the words through the music of the DJ. Only that person has the power to turn a few eyes moist with happiness by playing heart-touching numbers.
  • Uniqueness: A good DJ will have some unique qualities or ways that make the person different from the rest of the professional pack. It can be the voice tone of the person or some particular technical trick that is the signature move of the DJ. Even a specific soundtrack played with a particular technical improvisation may be the stand out factor for your DJ.
  • No ego problem: Ego problem can be harmful to the wedding music playing. Typically, the best quality DJs leave their egos at home before coming to your wedding.  The person will play whatever types of songs you suggest without any negative comment about the song selection. The DJ will discuss with you some other songs that will be appropriate for the occasion as per his thinking. The person will play those songs only if you approve.
  • Professionalism: The definition of professionalism is a bit different for wedding DJs. Instead of visiting only on the day of the wedding, the professional wedding DJ Vancouver sit and discuss with the couple about the whole ceremony. It will help the person to chalk out a playlist and find some appropriate songs for the perfect moments.

Not grumpy: The most talented DJs know how to enjoy the wedding. Your big day is special, and it must run smoothly. Amidst all tensions and last moment adjustments, everybody will try to enjoy to their fullest on such a happy occasion. The great DJ knows how to add to the merriment with the gleeful smile even when your wedding is just another job for that person.