What is the most popular song played at weddings?

How to Create a Wedding Reception Playlist That Rocks

Deciding what type of music you want at your wedding reception is just as important as planning all of the other details of your special day’s events. One of the most important songs that will be played is the first dance as a newly married couple. The song you select should be one that has meaning for both you and your fiancé.

Aside from the first dance, you will want to make sure you have an idea of what type and genre of music you do and do not want played at your wedding. It is essential to meet with your wedding DJ several times throughout the planning process to ensure he or she has an understanding of your needs, while at the same time, allowing them some creative flexibility to read your guests and adjust music, as needed to keep everyone entertained.

How do I make my own wedding playlist?

  1. Choose Special Songs

Get your fiancé involved to ensure they have input into what key songs are going to be played at different time throughout the reception. You will want to include songs that have special meanings associated with them, such as your first date, first kiss, engagement, and so on.

  1. Songs to Get Your Guest Involved

Have your DJ incorporate special dances throughout the evening to ensure everyone has an opportunity to be included in your special celebration, such as:

  • Mother-Son Dance
  • Father-Daughter Dance
  • Grandparents-Grandchildren Dance
  • Groomsmen-Bridesmaid Dance
  1. Match Songs to Your Wedding Theme

If you have a specific wedding theme, you will want several songs that tie into that theme. These can be played at various times throughout the evening or you can have a complete playlist of songs you wanted to play back-to-back before other music.

  1. Background Music

Decide if you want background music played as guests arrive, during toasts, and while you cut your wedding cake. Some couples like having soft music in the background.

  1. Last Dance Song

If you are intending on staying to the very end of your reception, choose which song you want to be played as the very last one. Again, this song can have a special meaning associated with it or it can be a fun, upbeat song that is one of your favorites.

  1. Allow Guests to Make Requests

One way to get your guests involved is to allow them to make song requests throughout the evening. Talk to your DJ ahead of time to discuss how often to play requested songs.

Along with creating your playlist, you will need to gather some vital information from the venue to help your DJ know what types of equipment they need to bring along. Some basic questions you will need to get answers to include:

Does the venue provide any sound equipment, microphones, and speakers?

If so, how many speakers do they provide, and will your DJ be able to connect their equipment to the speakers/sound system?

What are the locations of electrical outlets and are they conveniently located near the dance floor?

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