A perfect wedding is something everyone wants. However, there can be some mistakes can happen in the planning and people can get stressed instead of having fun at a very important moment in their life. Our promise to you is that we will make the music at your wedding fun, the memorable and one-hundred percent you.

Personalized Music

Your style is unique and you deserve to have the music at your wedding reflect you! We have refined our process over the last 10 years and 3000 performances to ensure that our couples get the exact experience they’re hoping for with their DJ. The first step into this music experience is to consult with a music advisor who will learn about your wedding day and provide you with a personalized music plan customized to your vision.

After, we will work on your planning forms with our event manager who helps you plan the music for your wedding, and stays on top of all the details so you don’t have to. Finally, you celebrate your wedding day stress-free knowing that our team has a thorough backup plan for everything, and has left NOTHING to chance.

All Inclusive Packages

Experienced DJ

Our DJs are hired on their technical skill AND personal character and are matched with you based on your style, vision, and personality.

Event Manager

Responsible for monitoring your file every step of the way, your Event Manager is here to help you plan all of the details for the music at your wedding.

24 Hour Replies

We have dedicated support staff on standby 7 days per week to ensure that you never have to wait more than 24 hours to hear back from us.

Online Planning Forms

Request songs in advance, create your timeline and share all of your key information with our team to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

Planning Consultation

Connect with your DJ on an in-depth music consultation call before your wedding to plan all of the music and key details for your day.

Emergency Hotline

Both you and your DJ have access to the day-of, Airwaves Emergency Hotline which is always monitored by our experienced support staff.

Emergency Backup DJ

Emergency backup DJ on standby on your wedding day to give you peace of mind that no matter what happens, we will be there.

Personalized Experience

The music at your wedding should reflect you and your unique personality and style. We make sure that the soundtrack to your day is “Your Music, Your Way.”

Setup And Takedown

You shouldn’t lift a finger on your wedding day, least of all a speaker. Our team will take care of all equipment transportation, setup, and takedown.

LED Dance Lighting

High quality LED lighting to fill your venue and create an incredible, inviting atmosphere that will be sure to get your guests dancing.

Complete Sound System

Modern, industry-standard sound system to ensure that all music, speeches, and announcements at your wedding are crisp and clear.

Wireless Mic Package

Perfect for speeches, announcements, and impromptu karaoke battles, our top of the line wireless mics are tested regularly and we always have a spare.

You won’t have to stress about something messing up everything, we got this.

Want to get a personalized music plan for your event? CONTACT US AND FILL THIS FORM