What style of wedding are you shooting for? Is your wedding themed and based around a more traditional style. Or is it something modern, unique or even quirky. Having a traditional wedding calls for a band. Having a 3 to 5 piece instrument can really give your wedding that authentic, and unique feel. A band also obviously screams out traditional. Thats not to say DJ’s are off limits, it can just be a preference.

Another point to consider is a big one with any wedding planning, budget. If you’re flexible on the cost of entertainment then a band is a great option. Obviously this ties into my above point, it has to fit in with the theme of the wedding, should their be one. However, a band can tend to cost more then a DJ, due to the fact that their are more members to pay, and a lot more equipment to haul. This isn’t ALWAYS the case, but it can often be a major factor.

Having not been married, I cant speak for everyone, but I can speak for some. You may agree or not, but personally i suggest to take your time finding the right fit and performer(s). A heavy portion and lasting impression of your wedding will be the post speech portion of the ceremony. If you have a great band or DJ that can get people excited, then having guests stay late into the evening can be a great sign! Just something to remember!