AirwavesWeddingVersusVancouver is a great place for local music and talent. Choosing a great DJ or Band can prove to be quite the task if you’re on the fence about who and what. With so many great options with Airwaves and the city in general, it can be a real make or break scenario. A couple things to keep in mind are…

What style of wedding are you shooting for? Is your wedding themed and based around a more traditional style. Or is it something modern, unique or even quirky. Having a traditional wedding calls for a band. Having a 3 to 5 piece instrument can really give your wedding that authentic, and unique feel. A band also obviously screams out traditional. Thats not to say DJ’s are off limits, it can just be a preference.

Another point to consider is a big one with any wedding planning, budget. If you’re flexible on the cost of entertainment then a band is a great option. Obviously this ties into my above point, it has to fit in with the theme of the wedding, should their be one. However, a band can tend to cost more then a DJ, due to the fact that their are more members to pay, and a lot more equipment to haul. This isn’t ALWAYS the case, but it can often be a major factor.

Having not been married, I cant speak for everyone, but I can speak for some. You may agree or not, but personally i suggest to take your time finding the right fit and performer(s). A heavy portion and lasting impression of your wedding will be the post speech portion of the ceremony. If you have a great band or DJ that can get people excited, then having guests stay late into the evening can be a great sign! Just something to remember!


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