The wedding ceremony involves months of hard work, planning, research, shopping and hundreds of other chores. But the entire process will be successful if the wedding day turns out to be perfectly smooth. You have to plan up all the phases of the occasion. But the wedding will be incomplete without the wedding DJ playing the right tunes in the background.

Various flavor of music
When you think about the tunes and playlist, the only part that will be coming in your mind, again and again, is the song that will be playing while you walk down the aisle majestically.  But if you think elaborately, that will not be the only music which you will play throughout the day. So the DJ plays a key role in the ceremony. The person will take care of the variety of music that will be playing according to the mood and mentality of the guests.

Ceremony music
The traditional ceremonies include three types of music for the wedding party:

  1. Prelude:  The DJ knows the exact light music that will be appropriate to set the mood of the guests sitting and waiting for the beginning of the ceremony.  The music should be playing on for at least 45 minutes before the starting of the service. The soft, melodious tune will create the ambiance for your entry.
  2. Processional: Once your friends and family will start to enter the party, the music will change to the processional part. The rhythm will be moderate so that the entry of the relatives seems natural yet rhythmic. The DJ will start giving effect to the sound and change over to a dramatic tune once you begin your walk. You will feel like the queen as everybody will be looking at you, praising your dress and the look. The tune should be complementary to your feeling to add the extra glow on your face.
  3. Recessional: After the completion of the ceremony, the recessional music will start. The DJ will play a merry number which will mark the exit of you and your partner. There will be a tone of celebration in the music that will reflect the joy of the newly married couple.

Postludes and interludes
You can request the DJ to play some particular song during the significant moments like the lighting of the unity candle, or when you first kiss your partner.  You can also ask to perform a special postlude when the guests exit from the party.

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