With only a handful of weddings under my belt I already know for a fact that a heavy portion on the guests don’t want to hear the The Chicken Dance” or “The YMCA”, but time and time again they’re played as part of a regular rotation. They claim these songs target almost every age group, and even though their is no vulgar language and they are fun spirited songs, i’m not sure what age group they’re really targeting with these, besides maybe a children’s demographic. Now don’t let me leave out Jason Mraz’s “Im Your’s” or Elvis’s “Cant Help Falling In Love”. These are songs that were almost made specifically for weddings. It almost seemed as if these artists were attempting to target the wedding crowd. Now, i’m not saying theirs an issue with these songs. Im just simply stating how cliche and typical they are at weddings. If you are unfamiliar with them at a passing glance, i guarantee you wont be ones you plug them into youtube.

Wedding music is a real target of emotions. Setting the mood at certain points in the night is essential. Therefore, i suppose these tracks are essential. I just cant help but chuckle and roll my eyes every time they come on in this setting. Its really quite profound what a single song can remind you of. I cant see these ones coming out of that wedding DJ‘s playlist anytime soon.