Help the bride. Make a point of not acting as if you’re taking over the wedding or over whelming her, but be sure to ask if theirs anything you can do or help with. Respect her decision if she says no, but ask at regular intervals.

Breeze over her lists for her. A common organizational tool that most brides will do is make a list. Check them twice with her to make sure theirs nothing that was put on the back burner and forgotten about.

She trusts your judgement. Do not spare you’re judgement at the expense of her feelings. If the dress doesn’t look good on her, you need to tell her, nicely. You’re there to help her make decisions.

Let her breathe. Don’t act as if you’re taking over the show. Give her space to go in alone if thats what she wants at times. Just be ready to lend a hand should the occasion arise.

Lastly, be a friend on her big day. Steer clear of getting drunk during the reception and making people think less of you. You don’t want people thinking less of you or the bride! Thats not to say you cant have celebratory or social drinks. Just keep tabs on your level. You want it to be a memorable day for all the right reasons.

With all of that in mind, have fun, soak it all up and enjoy this special occasion.