Big tip. Make sure your wedding coordinator (not planner) knows the names of all the people involved in your wedding party. Don’t give them to him or her on the day of the rehearsal. Make sure she has them in advance so she can learn them and help the rehearsal move a lot faster and smoother.

A well organized rehearsal should take no more then a solid thirty minutes. Make sure the rehearsal is scheduled for a time that everyone can make, so their are no holes in it. Make a point of emphasizing people to be on time. Or it makes people more antsy and upset if they have a place to be shortly after and are waiting an extra fifteen minutes for one single person.

Rehearsal dinners are a good idea too. It can give people form both sides of the family that haven’t met yet a chance to socialize and get to know each other before the wedding day. This can relieve a lot of stress and make for a smoother, happier, and less awkward wedding day. These are however, harder to organize. Their is no end to the preparation you can do. It all can help you calm your nerves on the big day if it feels more natural to you. See when works for everyone and make judgement calls based on the numbers.