When you are planning a wedding, you may want to listen to music at the reception, and this why you should hire a DJ for a wedding reception, but you may not understand the process of selecting a disc jockey. Here are some tips from other brides and grooms about the process of choosing a disc jockey.

Step 1: Talk to Your Friends

If you are getting married, then you likely have friends who have had weddings recently, and they can give you a recommendation concerning the disc jockey who they hired.

Step 2: Is Professional Reliable?

It is important to select a reliable disc jockey for your wedding reception because you can’t hire someone else at the last minute. It can ruin your wedding when you have a disc jockey who fails to arrive at the event.

Step 3: Listen to the Music Samples

What type of music do you prefer having at your wedding reception? If the disc jockey only offers jazz music but you prefer country and western, then you should look for a different person to play music at your special event.

Airwaves Music - We'll find the perfect wedding DJ for you

Step 4: Discuss the Price

It is important to determine how much the disc jockey is charging per hour to understand if the professional’s services are affordable for you. In addition, you should learn if there are any other charges for the disc jockey’s services.

Step 5: Obtain a Written Contract

You should obtain a written contract for the disc jockey services to ensure that the professional is available on a specific date. You may need to give the disc jockey a deposit to ensure that the professional arrives on time.

You can hire a DJ for a wedding reception by contacting Airwaves Music in Canada today at 778-760-1944 or 778-908-6901.

Airwaves Music - We'll find the perfect wedding DJ for you