Once you decide to get married, one of the biggest decisions you will have to make is what size wedding you desire. Some people opt for the largest wedding venue they can find and want to include all of their family, friends, co-workers, and other acquaintances as part of their special day. Other people prefer a cozier wedding with a smaller group of their closest family and friends.

So, which type of wedding is better – large or small? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons first, before answering this question.

Large Weddings – Advantages

  • With more guests, that should translate to more wedding guests, potentially.
  • You get to see friends and family members you haven’t seen in quite some time.
  • The cost per person can be much less than smaller weddings.
  • If everything is planned correctly, the ceremony and reception could be truly remarkable and stunning, as well as something people talk about for years to come.

Large Weddings – Disadvantages

  • While the cost per person is a pro, the total wedding costs for everything, are often much more.
  • If you are expected to greet your guests, you can be on your feet for hours before you can sit down and enjoy your reception dinner.
  • You may find you have less time to spend with your guests than you would prefer.
  • Large venues may be less flexible if you need to move the date or change the time.
  • Large weddings can take much longer to plan.

Small Weddings – Advantages

  • Less people, means a more intimate experience for you, your new spouse and all your guests.
  • Finding venues can be much easier and provide a wider array of choices.
  • The total wedding costs are often less than those for large weddings.
  • You will have time to spend with all your guests throughout the reception.
  • Small wedding venues can be flexible if you need to change the date or adjust the time.
  • Small weddings open up the possibility of a destination wedding.
  • If you want to get married rather quickly, smaller weddings can be planned and executed much faster than large weddings.

Small Weddings – Disadvantages

  • It may be difficult to decide which friends and family members receive an invitation.
  • The cost per person is normally higher, compared to larger weddings.
  • Some brides regret not having the lavish, large wedding later.

As you can see, both large and small weddings have the pros and cons. Deciding which type of wedding is best for youmostly depends upon what you and your fiancée desires. If you want to make it the biggest celebratory event of the year with thousands of guests or a small, quiet wedding with about a hundred of your closest family and friends, it is entire up to you!

Just remember, no matter what size wedding you choose, our Kelowna wedding DJs are experts at keeping both small and large groups of people entertained and engaged during your reception. To find the right DJ for your wedding, call us at 1-888-676-7772 today