Every wedding has one thing in common and that is maximum entertainment. This entertainment is mostly in the form of music and dances. Some people have the entertainment options utilized prior to a wedding ceremony and after the guests have arrived. Irrespective of what options of entertainment are there, you need to decide upon the wedding because music is the thing that will set the flow. Therefore the area of entertainment has to be set up correctly way ahead of the time. The best DJs will take care of the testing and set of equipment. Here are ways the venue can be set up.

Decorate area in a way that safety is intact

The area of the dance floor is the place where your wedding DJ Vancouver will perform. Hence, it must be clear of the potential hazards. It has to be made sure that there is an absence of obstructions, cords, and wires which people trip over potentially or have the heads hit against the wall. The decorations that are water-themed must be set in separate locations. None of this should be near the DJ equipment as the floors could get slippery and wet.

Everything away from the entertainment area

It must be understood that the entertainment area, dance floor, gift table of the wedding and cake table cannot be in the same area. If there is an arrangement like this then the traffic flow of the people can be directed. For your wedding DJ Vancouver, to perform the reception area and the entertainment area have to be in separate directions. There must be spaces that are clearly defined.

Verifying location of the electrical outlets

If the venue does not have an entertainment space or dedicate floor for dance, then it has to be found out as to where the electrical outlets are located. Based on the ease of access, you will want the area to be used as a space for the DJ.

Verifying what equipment will be provided by the venue

Some of the venues have the equipment, lighting, speakers and sound systems that can be used during reception however some do not make these things available. To avoid unnecessary issues you have to be updated with information on what will be provided and what not. When the DJs know that set up has to be carried along, they will be at a better space rather than being on tenterhooks.