The Wedding Trends to Look Out for in 2023

With every wedding season comes new wedding trends that draw the bride and groom away from classic wedding styles and add something new and fun to the mix. With the rise of DIY weddings, brides have begun to do many creative things in order to set themselves apart. So we thought we would give you some of the hottest trends in the wedding industry that you might want to think about trying:

1. Barefoot Weddings

Now this one isn’t for everyone, but if you are having a wedding on the beach, a destination wedding at a beach, or a country-style wedding, leaving the shoes at home might be for you. Brides are dressing up their feet with sparkly anklets and metallic tattoos instead of high heels.


2. Metallics

Weddings for 2023 are all about metallic décor. From vases and candleholders to gold and silver invitations, incorporating a little bit of metallic sparkle into your wedding is all the rage.


3. Flower Crowns

Tying in with the barefoot idea, flower crowns have become a very popular accessory among boho brides. With more couples moving away from the traditional, a flower crown replaces the use of a veil and adds an element of simple beauty.


4. Small outdoor weddings

We are definitely starting to see a rise in smaller, more intimate weddings that are taking place outdoors. It’s important to select a wedding venue that will complement the intimate wedding you might want. Camping and a woodsy vibe have become popular themes with the trend in authentic outdoor living.


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5. Pops of Colour

Among the neutral tones for furnishings and dresses, pops of very bright colours can be seen mixed in amongst the bridal bouquet, table arrangements and even the desserts.


6. Florals

Floral patterns are being used for dresses and table clothes. It adds classic beauty and helps tie into the rustic natural wedding theme that is oh-so-popular.


7. A man’s best friend

The family pet can also play a role in weddings and is even used as the ring bearer. We have seen many dogs do this over the years, but with the trend in pigs as pets, who’s to say you can’t have Babe walk your ring down the aisle at your wedding party?


2023 is filled with love for nature and chic yet rustic vibe. It’s also a time to play with pops of bright colours and metallic. Any of these elements or a combination of them are sure to make your wedding a little less traditional.

Other ideas you can incorporate into your wedding reception are destination weddings, weekday weddings, micro weddings, a wedding weekend with a rehearsal dinner and bridal party, and much more. The most important thing is to start the wedding planning way ahead of the wedding day.

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